Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homework sheet

Tawa Intermediate 2012

Yr 8 Food Technology


Objective:  To plan, prepare and serve a local ingredient/ organic dish at home and then at school for 2 people. 
No using any recipes that we have done at school (this year and last year).

1. Students name____________________________________

2. Name of Dish_______________________________________

3. Recipe (either written in, glued in or printed off).
 Highlight the locally produced ingredients or the organic ingredients.

4. Ingredients purchased:

5. Equipment used:

6. Methods of cookery:

7. Photo of dish (produced at home):

8. Evaluation (done by the parents at home after the dish has been cooked):

·      Taste (flavours):

·      Smell (aroma's):

·      Texture (what it feels like in your mouth):

·      Appearance (describe what it looks like in terms of colour, size and shape):

·   Healthy meal? (is it a well balanced meal?):

Signature of evaluator: __________________________

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