Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Warm Salad (Bacon, eggs and croutons)

A warm salad is one with cooked ingredients in it. In this case, it is bacon, croutons and boiled egg. The croutons absorb a lot of flavour and oil so we don't need a dressing with this salad.
You can also use normal lettuce instead of Mesclun mix.

Warm Salad (Bacon, Egg and Croutons)

·      Chopping board
·      Sharp knife
·      Grater
·      Peeler
·      Large mixing bowl
·      Small fry pan and fish slice/tongs
·      Small pot

·      Mesclun salad, 1 cup
·      Carrots, 1
·      Spring onions, ½ stem
·      Tomato, ½ diced
·      Bacon, 3 slices
·      Bread, 1 slice, diced
·      Celery, 1 stem
·      Eggs, 2
·      Oil for frying

1.    Slice up the bread into cubes.
2.    Slice up the bacon in small pieces.
3.    Fry both in oil until crisp. Place into mixing bowl.
4.    Add eggs to a pot of hot water. Bring to the boil for 8 minutes. Pour out the hot water and fill pot with cold water.
5.    Peel the eggs and chop up. Add to the mixing bowl.
6.    Grate the carrot, after peeling.
7.    Slice up celery and spring onion into thin slices.
8.    Dice up the tomato into small dice. Add all to the mixing bowl.
9.    Add the Mesclun salad to the other ingredients in the bowl.
10. Toss the salad together, mixing all the ingredients through.
11. Serve with tongs onto a plate and eat.

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