Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Food Academy- Gourmet Burgers

Food Academy Gourmet Burgers

You are to make quality burgers for the teachers (and for yourself).
Each pair will make 4 burgers, of which 2 will be for the teachers.

Make the patties first from the meat available. You will get some Beef and Pork or Chicken. Choose your own herbs/seasoning/sauces to go in the patties. Use the breadcrumbs and egg to bind the patties or to crumb the chicken.

Fry (brown) in the small frypan and finish in the oven (160 degrees Celcius) until cooked through. Make sure the chicken is cooked properly.

Carefully slice the buns in half. You can toast or have plain.

The burger must contain a pattie, some salad mix and a sauce. You can add extras. Make sure the burgers are the same.

Plate the burgers with a skewer to hold together.

Label the teachers burger with the ingredients, seasoning and who made it. The label will go on the skewer.

Mr Skipworth will check quality control for all burgers for the teachers. Make sure to show him the product before sending it out.

Either take the burger to the teacher or leave in the staff room.

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