Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homework for Yr 7

The paperwork below is to be done by end of week 8. You can either bring me a hard copy or email the whole document to me (
Practice making a dish (can be any dish of your choice, maybe a family favourite) at home and have your parents/siblings evaluate it. Take a photo of it. Find the recipe and work out what ingredients you need to bring to school to be able to make it.
You will make this dish at school (in week 9) to be assessed. Bring enough ingredients for only 2 people. Mr Skipworth will supply most of the basic ingredients. Your cooking partner will assist you.

Tawa Intermediate 2012

Yr 7 Food Technology


Objective:  Plan, prepare and serve a cultural dish at home and then at school for 2 people.

1. Students name____________________________________

2. Name of Dish_______________________________________

3. Recipe (either written in, glued in or printed off)

4. Ingredients purchased:

5. Equipment used:

6. Methods of cookery (e.g baking, frying, roasting etc):

7. photo of dish (produced at home):

8. Evaluation (done by the parents at home):

·      Taste (flavours):

·      Smell (aroma's):

·      Texture (what it feels like in your mouth):

·      Appearance (describe what it looks like in terms of colour, size and shape):

·      Healthy meal? (is it a well balanced meal?):

Signature of evaluator:_______________________________________

Teacher Assessment (at school)
(A- Above expectation, B- At expectation, C- Below expectation)

Correct Equipment & Food Safety:

Cooking Techniques (follow the recipe):


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