Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yr 8 term 2 Menu

This may be modified through out the term.

2012 Yr 8 Menu List

1.    Food safety revision/ Sustainability in food production / American Brownies
2.    Marinated chicken and potato salad. - chicken production, battery hens
3.    Fresh Fruit kebabs with chocolate ganache - chocolate production
4.    Warm salad (bacon and croutons) – pork production
5.    Banana cake with lemon icing *- banana’s imported to NZ.
6.    Grilled Steak with mushroom garlic sauce- Beef production in NZ vs US.
7.    Apple & Cinnamon turnover with Chantilly cream- dairy production
8.    Rice Risotto – rice production
9.    Sponge cake *-flour milling
1. Seafood chowder- mussel aquaculture
1. Cheesecake- making cheese
1. Filo parcels (feta & pumpkin/ cheese and spinach)-
1. Apple pie *- apple production
1. Fish cakes and sauce- sustainability in fisheries
1. Slice
1. Lasagne with basic tomato sauce- tomato production
1.  Hot cross buns/ breads
1.  Individual cooking for assessment
1.  Individual cooking for assessment
2. Extension class meal

Self assessment forms for 3 recipes
Homework for final assessment

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