Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Bangers and Mash"

Bangers and Mash with Caramelized Onions
Learning Intentions
          Wash, peel, wash potatoes and boiling/drying/mashing techniques,  Chopping up parsley, Frying safely, How to use microwaves,  Plating up (making food look good on the plate).
Potato peeler
Pot and lid
Sharp knife & chopping board
Potato Masher (1 per table)
Fry pan
Measuring cup/spoons
Oven tray (for sausages)
Potato's, 2-3 medium size, washed, peeled and chopped into chunks
Salt, pinch
Parsley, 1 tsp, chopped finely
Cheese, grated, 1 Tbsp
Butter, 1 tsp
4 sausages per pair
Oil for frying
Caramelized onions
Onion, 1 sliced
Balsamic vinegar/ Worcester sauce, 1/2 tsp
Brown sugar, 1 tsp
Oil for frying, 1 tsp
Bistro gravy, 1 tsp
Water, 50ml, hot
1. Wash, peel and chop up potatoes.
2. Place in pot and bring to boil (enough water to cover the potato's).
3. Add a good pinch of salt.
4. Boil until potatoes are soft (when a fork can go through them).
5. Drain and let sit in hot pot (off the heat) for 5 minutes.
6. Mash until fluffy.
7. Add butter and chopped parsley/cheese and mix through.
8. Season with salt/ pepper.

Sausages & Onions
1. Fry the sausages in a little oil until they are brown all over. Remove from pan, put on tray and place in oven on a low heat to keep warm.
2. Fry onion in the same fry pan until they have gone soft and begin to brown.
3. Add balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, stir through the onions and simmer (low heat) for 5 min.

1. Mix gravy powder into the hot water.
2. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for another 30 seconds and stir again.
Place a dollop of mash in the centre of the plate.
Arrange sausages lying on the mash on an angle.
Top with the caramelized onions.
Drizzle the gravy around the mash and over the sausages/ onions.

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