Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fresh Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate ganache.

Once you have tried this chocolate ganache, you will want more... and more!
Serving this decadent sauce with fresh fruit kebabs makes a wonderful dessert. Simple to make and simply irresistible.
Don't use dairy milk chocolate in this recipe. It does not melt due to excessive sugar and milk powder. I used Pams Dark compound chocolate chips from Pak N' Save.

Fresh Fruit kebabs with Ganache (Chocolate sauce)
·      Wooden chopping board and sharp knife (large or small)
·      Peeler
·      2 mixing bowls
·      Measuring cup/ spoons
·      Wooden spoon
·      Kebab sticks (4 per pair)
·      Small pot

·      Selection of seasonal fresh fruit (4 total)
·      Cream, 2 Tbspn (30 ml)
·      Dark Chocolate chips, ramekin

1.    Select the fruit then wash and peel and slice/dice into medium size chunks.
2.    Carefully skewer on the kebab sticks in a regular pattern and place on a clean plate.
3.    Melt the chocolate in the double boiler (mixing bowl sitting inside the pot ½ full of boiling water).
4.    Pour the cream into the measuring cup and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.
5.    Whisk the hot cream into the melted chocolate until silky smooth.
6.    Pour over the fruit kebabs.

Chocolate (Theobroma cacao)

Food product made from the fermented, dried, roasted and ground beans of the tropical cocoa tree, native to Mexico and South America. The Mayans and Aztecs used it in religious ceremonies and the beans were used as currency. It is now grown mostly in central Africa.

Chocolate comes in several forms, including powder (cocoa/cacao), liquid and solid.
The type of chocolate depends on the amount of cocoa butter (oil from cocoa bean), milk powder, lecithin and vanilla that are added. The higher the cocoa butter content, the smoother and richer the chocolate.

Couverture has a high proportion of cocoa butter and is used for dipping, moulding and for making professional quality chocolates.

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